Why Northside

Our Vision

The vision of Northside Christian Academy is to trust our Lord as we seek academic and biblical excellence. We believe this will be accomplished with much prayer, commitment, and great leadership among the administration and faculty, supported by a strong base of parental involvement. Our goal is to prepare students to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ so that the generations to come might know Him. (Psalm 78:4)

Our Mission

To lovingly lead and equip students to believe, defend, and proclaim the Truth.

Our Purpose

  • Provide Christ-like love
  • Promote a Biblical worldview
  • Pursue excellence in education
  • Partner with our families

What We Believe

As a ministry of Northside Baptist Church, Northside Christian Academy is a partner in the spiritual and educational development of our children. We invite you to visit the church website for a statement of the essential beliefs we share.

Core Values

  • Biblical teaching - We believe that God has chosen to use the preaching and teaching of His Word to change lives and accomplish His purpose.
  • Community - We believe God created us to live in community with other believers. This occurs best in small group environments.
  • Prayer - We believe that prayer connects us with the presence and the power of almighty God. It is through prayer that the lives of people, the church, communities, and nations can be changed bringing salvation, healing, comfort, and God's blessing.
  • Sacrificial Giving - We believe the giving of our financial resources is both a wonderful privilege and a tremendous responsibility therefore we should strive to grow in the grace of giving. When we are obedient in our giving, we will be able to carry out the mission of the church and the ministry to the church.
  • Worship - We believe that mankind was created to worship God; therefore, worship is our highest priority and the core motivation behind all we do.
  • Service - We believe every Christian is spiritually gifted and responsible for serving in the Body of Christ. Though there are a variety of gifts, every gift is equally important.
  • Evangelism - We believe every Christian is called to be a witness in the world. We should consistently, prayerfully, and intentionally share our faith through both our words and our deeds.